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Made in Africa Foundation

The Made in Africa Foundation was set up to Provide finance for feasibility studies for African businesses and projects involved in the development of major infrastructure projects across Africa.

  • Introduce a funding mechanism to assist successful businesses in Africa to transform their existing investments and prospects
  • Give Africa Independence through development and infrastructure
  • Made in Africa Foundation is a UK Foundation whose Mission is to fund Masterplans, Feasibility Studies and other project preparation works for successful infrastructure projects in Africa.

Far too often a lack of First Mile finance is the missing key to allow successful infrastructure projects in Africa to raise construction finance and reach completion.

Despite increasing efforts from Governments and DFIs to fill this gap, this type of risk capital remains scarce.

As an independent foundation, MIAF has the ability to work with promoters, governments, multilaterals such as the World Bank and African Development Bank as well as Commercial Banks and private sector investors.



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